Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lastest Doctor's Apt.

Time flies, already I am 28 weeks pregnant and several weeks have past since I have posted anything. I realized two days ago that I have just been wanting everything to be "fine" and that my "fine" may just be of a different reality and that God will prepare me for it.
Our last doctor's visit was April 8, to see Dr. Trevett the perinatal specialist. It's always so special to see Reagan moving on the u/s screen. Our little girl just dances around. Although that might a bit frustrating for the tech to be able get accurate readings, it's a blessing that she is so active. Reagan is growing, so is mommy. If you haven't seen me in a while, then you will be quite surprised how I have grown. Part of that is due to that I am on the high side of normal for amniotic fluid. A common side effect from Trisomy 18. So we are praying that I stay within normal ranges and/or that having extra fluid doesn't cause any issues (pre-term labor). Draining the excess fluid would be too risky for Reagan and me.
I am constantly amazed at medical technology and how they are able to get an approximately weight for Reagan. She is weighing in at 1 lb and 10 oz. She is growing which is a blessing.
Starting at 30 weeks we will start to visit the dr. every week, some weeks for ultrasounds and other weeks for regular check ups. I passed the glucose test, so I can have donuts for breakfast. YEAH! Thinking that will only happen about once a month, if that. Besides Krisy Kreme is 17 minutes from my house.

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  1. 17 minutes, huh? But who's counting.

    We love you guys and sweet Reagan Marie so much. You are in our prayers.